Attentions to scams

Attention to scams!

These two Facebook pages have nothing to do with the official OFFICE FUNDS Pro page.

OFFICE FUNDS Pro has not yet formalized its Facebook page. The official page of OFFICE FUNDS Pro will be published in November 2018. Do not trust any Facebook page or social network without consulting us to verify the identity of the latter. Many people are scammed on these two pages.

The first Facebook page has not worked for more than 2 years. Because this page has been posted to Facebook and the administrator can never use it. This page has remained untouchable until today and remained so forever.

For that, we need everyone’s help from you to fight this scam that is taking over from day to day.

We therefore recommend that any person or customer who has contacted an agent of OFFICE FUNDS on any network please report it by mail or our contact form to verify his identity. If the identity of this agent is not confirmed by the agency, you must break any contact or liaison to avoid being scammed, then we will publish his information so that other people do not fall into his trap.

Attention to scams!

These two loops surrounded in red on Google Search Platform have no tie with OFFICE FUNDS Pro Official. For that, that no client hint about us when he will click on one of both loops.

The first link is the fake Facebook page that has not been active for more than two years. On this page, you will see people, who said well about OFFICE FUNDS Pro. It is about people who knew OFFICE FUNDS Pro. These people ignored that it was a fake Facebook page that did not have any report with us. On this page, the website used is which has not existed for more than two years now. When we made the minutes, we made sure that the site and its Facebook page were deleted or inactive. The official site of OFFICE FUNDS Pro differs from (the false site). These evildoers used a cleverness to be able to deceive the vigilance of our clients and of all the people who did not know OFFICE FUNDS Pro Oficial. They also used our old images and information to fulfill their profile. If you see one such thing, you must first ask for our opinions in order to point it out.

The second loop encircled in red has been published by a client and we completely ignore its existence. But it is surely an Englishman. This client had thought that it was about us. That’s why he had made himself. The same criminals used the identity of the name of two important agents (Anne Marie Hollande and Irina Lee) of the company to carry out their operation. But finally they could not reach their objective.

We all request the help of each one to fight against this problem.

Thank you for having read us.

Leave comments if possible to have more explanation.

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