Protect your family financially from the risks!

Our social protection protects us in case :

  • Temporary incapacity for work (illness, maternity, professional illness)
  • of disability (incapacitated by definitive work)
  • of loss of employment
  • of dependency
  • of death

These financial risks do not have the same impact depending on the composition of your home, if you are alone or in pairs or if you have descendants or influences to « burden ». They will not have the same impact, either according to their professional status and their age, if you are a salaried employee, an independent worker, not a salaried worker or a retired worker. And they will not be compensated in the same way according to the conditions in which the risk comes: in the course of the professional activity, in case of accident in the course of the car, in case of « accident of life » or in the leisure course (trips, sports activities).

Public social protection is mainly ensured by the 4 branches (or boxes) of Social Security (Sickness, Family, Work, Old Age) as well as employment.