Reasons to choose to refinance a loan

  • Consolidate your debts at a higher interest rate into a single loan at a more affordable (accessible) rate than other secured credit options

  • Make residential renovations

  • Financing your studies or that of a member of your family

  • Buy a vehicle or a chalet

  • Take advantage of investment opportunities

Refinancing your loan allows you to repay your current loan and replace it with a new loan. You thus have the possibility of borrowing new funds to achieve various objectives, such as renewing your property, traveling, returning to school or making the purchase of a second property. Refinancing is a good option when you want to borrow supplemental funds at a lower interest rate than that offered by other secured credit options. You can resort to refinancing even though you hired a loan at another financial institution. Does the intention have an objective? We can determine with you if refinancing is the best solution for you. You will find below the most common reasons for which the owners choose refinancing. Give us part of your plans and we will help you to throw the best game.
OFFICE FUNDS clients can request the renewal of their loan when the remaining remaining capital reaches 40% of the initial loan. The advantages of a renovation? A higher loan; the consolidation of several loans for a possibly lower repayment amount; a more attractive rate based on your credit score or your refund history.