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Today with OFFICE FUNDS, you can enjoy commercial, online, fast, equitable, economic loans.
You can also support the growth of your company starting today by making loans for small or large companies. Our fast and flexible loans for small or large companies are available at any time according to your needs. While banks can put weeks to be settled on their loan capacity, OFFICE FUNDS can grant a loan to small or large companies within 48 to 72 hours.

For small and large companies


The creation of OFFICE FUNDS in 2002 was a response to the credit crisis and the tightening of regulations that prevent banks from financing small and large companies. Today, our product is tested and the quality of our customer service places us on its sides to facilitate and accompany the growth of your company.

The key to total satisfaction


Annotated A + by BEC, customers like and recommend our expertise. Read some testimonials from our clients!

Our commitments


We are committed to contacting you in a few minutes that follow your loan request through our website.

Communication and sincerity

We are committed to communicate regularly with you in order to be part of the advance of your loan request near our partner banks. Also at the time of sending our first response in response to your request, we will give you a part, in all sincerity, of the possibility of success of your file near our partner banks.

We will work with you only if we believe in your project.


We are committed to giving you satisfaction within a maximum period of 72 hours (in conditions to obtain all documents in the file)