How long could I receive my loan?

This can go from a few minutes to 48 hours after your request! For example, if your file is completed before 24 hours, we guarantee that you will receive your loan by direct bank transfer during the same day of the signing of your loan contract. Signing your contract requires only acceptance of your loan file.

Do I respect your criteria?

There are only some criteria that you must respect to obtain a loan. First, you must be over 18 years old. Then, you must have a bank account. You should not have any legal problems.

Why has my application been denied?

An application can be denied for a combination of different factors. For example, if you do not find our eligibility criteria. If the reason for your refusal is not here, please contact us and we will discuss your particular situation.

How to send my documents?

To be able to first of all be sure that all your documents have been filled, signed and scanned. Then, you will send them by email to this address  

I had a problem. I will not be able to repay my loan on time.

We can always take an arrangement. We can reject the date of your refund if you prevents us 3 working days in advance and if you completed more than three payments with us. You can not as a loan and immediately reject the date of your first payment. This deferment of payment involves an expenditure of $35 will be added to your balance due. It is always in their interest to make their scheduled payments. Prevent us as soon as possible in order to avoid costs of more than $50.

I do not like to give my information online, how can I make sure that the process is public safety?

We understand this retention very well. Instead, know that this system has been placed to increase the confidentiality of your information as well as your security. With the same level of security as online banks, this system will never know your username or password. It is a simpler, quicker and more practical way to make a loan request.

What are the objectives of financing professional loans?

The loans can be used for purposes such as the financing of the purchase of new equipment, the construction of new premises or the renovation of the old premises, the needs in working capital, the businesses tied to travel expenses, the improvement of the competencies through expansion etc. The basic principle for the approval of professional loans is that the borrower must be in a position to justify the loan with respect to his trade and direct implications on the amount of the loan on his profession.

Is there a ceiling on the amount of the professional loan that I can enjoy?

The vast majority of banks will have a maximum limit of professional loan amount. This amount varies from one bank to another. With OFFICE FUNDS the real amount is determined according to the repayment capacity, the disposable income and the needs.

Will the use of the loan amount be monitored by OFFICE FUNDS?

Yes, OFFICE FUNDS may ask you to explain how the amount of the loan is used by presenting some evidence.

What is the repayment duration for professional loans?

In general, a professional loan must be repaid in 5 years following approval and disbursement for fixed rate loans. But with OFFICE FUNDS, the professional loan is repayable over a maximum of 30 years.

How will the loan amount be disbursed?

The loan will normally be reimbursed by bank transfer as other loans every month after grace period for repayment.