Tour, stay in hotel club or cruise, a credit to travel according to your desires

Travel or leisure credit
of $ 5,000.00 to $ 150,000.00 for up to 15 years.

Example of loan stimulus

$ 5 000,00  over 12 months at the Annual Effective Global Rate  fixed of 2,3 % You reimburse: 12 monthly payments of $ 421.88  Total amount due: $ 5 062.51  ( Namely, interest: $ 62.51)

Credit application in 3 stages

  • SIMULATE your project online
  • SEND YOUR LOAN FILE by mail, accompanied by vouchers

Advantages of travel or leisure credit

The possibility of full financing without contributions

The travel or leisure credit allows you to finance your projects: your trip or your leisure.

A simulation and a totally online subscription

If you are already an OFFICE FUNDS customer, you can opt for a faster subscription by connecting to your Personal Space. After you have done your online simulation: complete your loan application, gather your digitalized receipts to electronically receive your contract after the acceptance of your loan file. 

A loan that adapts to your situation

Con crédito viaje u ocio, usted puede pedir la adaptación del importe de su mensualidad según la evolución de su situación personal.


List of documents they provide to finalize their application

  1. Your loan contract dated and signed.
  2. Valid proof of identity in validity (Photocopy of your identity card (reverse side) and that of your co-owner OR the first four passport pages.)
  3. Bank identification document (Containing BIC and IBAN codes.)
  4. Proof of address of less than 3 months (photocopy of your last electricity, water, internet or telephone bill of a fixed position.)