A useful credit for all your personal expenses.

Fixed monthly payments and no surprises - Online subscription - Immediate response principle

Example of loan stimulus

$ 5 000,00  over 12 months

at the Annual Effective Global Rate 

fixed of 2,3 %

You reimburse:

12 monthly payments of $ 421.88 
Total amount due: $ 5 062.51 
( Namely, interest: $ 62.51)

Credit application in 3 stages

  • SIMULATE your project online
  • SEND YOUR LOAN FILE by mail, accompanied by vouchers

Advantages of the credit treasury

Identical charges for each duration of your credit

An unforeseen expense? To sustain itself in its daily projects, OFFICE FUNDS Pro allows you, thanks to the personal treasury loan, to enjoy a fixed rate. Thus, the amount of its maturities and the duration of its credit are fixed and known in advance. Use our simulator to determine your ideal financing plan.

Simulations and simplified subscriptions, 100% online

If you are already an OFFICE FUNDS customer, you can opt for a simpler and faster subscription: complete your loan application and put your digitized receipts in all simplicity. Then read and sign electronically your loan agreement.

An immediate response in principle

When you make a loan request online, you receive an instant response in principle. An email is sent to you at the same time summarizing your request.

List of documents they provide to finalize their application

  1. Your loan contract dated and signed.
  2. Valid proof of identity in validity (Photocopy of your identity card (reverse side) and that of your co-owner OR the first four passport pages.)
  3. Bank identification document (Containing BIC and IBAN codes.)
  4. Proof of address of less than 3 months (photocopy of your last electricity, water, internet or telephone bill of a fixed position.)